Error Report

What to do if you've found an error with details on our website.

Simple Correction?

If you've spotted something that just needs a tweak, for instance a telephone number, then write to admin @ quoting venue ID number 14325 and tell us what's wrong. You'll also need to tell us who you are, and on what authority you are requesting the change.

Please note that we do not accept pictures for publishing. We will not upload your pictures as we cannot verify their provenance. This is why we use Google Streetview images under licence. If you have an issue with your Streetview image position, you can ask us to re-check it to see if there is a better angle available, or you can ask us to remove it completely. If it is out of date, your picture will be automatically updated next time Google re-surveys your area.

Multiple Changes / Complete Update

If you'd like to make lots of changes or completely update the listing, please visit this page and fill in the form as if this were a new listing application. We'll replace the current listing with the new data.

Thank you for your assistance.